About Us

When we founded Star Energy Consultants in 2009, we based our company on one word…And it’s not the one word you’re thinking!

YES, WE’RE ALL ABOUT ENERGY… But the key to our business, what makes us different from the others, is actually the fact that we are Consultants. All we do are Home Energy Audits, and we aren’t trying to sell you anything. We aren’t really an insulation company or a heating and air company using home energy evaluations as a way to sell you upgrades to your home. Home energy audits is all that we do.

Well, let’s not say it’s all that we do. We also help to assist in finding you the most skilled, honest and affordable products and services that you’re looking for in your home. And we fill out all of the paperwork and all of the forms you’ll need to get rebates for your projects. And, we come back after any work you have done to make sure that you got what you paid for and that no safety issues arose during the installation of any upgrades.

Basically, as Consultants, we stand with you throughout the whole process as your advocate and your partner. Helping you and your home to be as safe, energy efficient and comfortable as possible.

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