Proper Insulation is Crucial to Comfort & Cost-Savings

Properly insulating is a crucial part of your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. In the Kansas City area, the Department of Energy (and many city codes) recommend R-49 for your attic.

Insulation, along with the proper sealing and ventilation of your attic prior to the installation install, can fix many of the issues you may be having with comfort in your home and your energy bills. We’ll check the insulation levels not only in your attic but across your entire home.

To determine whether you should add insulation, you first need to find out how much insulation you already have in your home and where it is. Our qualified home energy audit will include an insulation and complete attic assessment and whole-home insulation assessment as part of your Home Energy Audit. If you need additional insulation, we can get you set up with some of the best contractors in Kansas City and get you any and all discounted pricing, plus rebates and tax credits where available.

Getting exactly what you need to improve the insulation of your home at the best price is one of the services we provide for our clients every single day!

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